Feb 24

Kindle competitors such as the Sony and Barnes & Noble make a big deal of the fact that their e-book readers will be compatible with the ePub file format. That means, as opposed to the Kindle, that your Sony Reader and future B&N Nook (as well as other e-readers) may be used to read tens of 1000’s of free of charge Google Books.

Merely pick a title, download the ePub edition, and transfer it to the compatible reader of your choice. Indeed, nearly all of the books and also essays in question are usually public domain classics (and not-so-classic) of yesteryear–the stories of writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the same.

However free’s free, and these are the sort of canonical works of art that bookworms value reading and re-reading.

Yet fear not, Kindle lovers: you too have got access to many of the same public domain titles, numbering in the thousands. The trouble is acquiring them. While several of the freebies tend to pepper the Kindle top seller listings, Amazon does not help make it easy in order to find a comprehensive listing.

That is where jungle-search.com comes in. The search engine is actually designed to be able to scour Amazon for all kinds involving deals across a range of categories. And also which contains Kindle titles, which usually may be filtered by price. As of today, there are nearly 20,000 free of charge Kindle titles.

Nearly all of them tend to be public domain titles, including a lot of of the identical you will locate on Google Books. The outstanding 85 free titles tend to be promotional e-books which authors give away in the hope of hooking viewers on an author’s latest book. (These titles are likely to switch over fairly rapidly, so it’s really worth looking at every few weeks or so.)

The particular cost lookups on jungle-search are custom-made, so you may also utilize it to lookup for bargain Kindle titles as well. For instance, you could currently locate almost 30,Thousand titles available for less than a buck, and also a lot more than 125,000 costing between one dollar and $5. Simply remember to filter out the magazines and newspapers, considering that they are going to bill you on a month-to-month basis.

Also I have discovered several fantastic Amazon Kindle eBook collections, in which people have decide to put together performing all the particular tough work of indexing as well as changing to the particular Kindle format. We have seen collections just like 15,000 eBooks for the Amazon Kindle sent to you on Disc for as minimal as 10 dollars. Well worth it. Check it out here – 15,000 eBooks for the Amazon Kindle

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Feb 11

ebooks for amazon kindleThe Amazon Kindle has become a very popular device. I constantly see them in offices, in public transit, in the park, owners are just loving their Kindle. But what many people do not know, is that the eBooks available to you are not limited to the Amazon Store. They are thousands, and thousands of quality eBooks available for the Amazon Kindle that are basically free of charge.

For those of you that are not aware of this let me explain a few things. The Amazon Kindle can read several file formats. The Amazon “prc” format, in addition to “.txt” and “pdf”. If you have some books or other reading material in txt or pdf, you can easily put it on to your Kindle to read.

There are 2 ways to do this. This first is that you can email the file to your Amazon email account, Amazon will convert the file, and through the Whisper Wireless Network, it will appear on your Kindle. Amazon does charge for this feature though.

The simple quick way would be to plug your Kindle into your computer with the USB cable, there will be a pop up box, where you select “Open Folders to View”, they you open the Kindles “Documents” Folder, and copy any txt or pdf file you want on your Kindle into this folder. Then unplug your Kindle from your computer, and the files will appear on your Kindle.

Also for the avid reader, that may like classic authors from the past, there are literally thousands of books available online for free. The problem is to find them, and many times the format is not correct, and you have to convert them into something that your Kindle can read.

I recently ran across a DVD with over 15,000 eBooks for Amazon Kindle, all very exciting authors and titles, organized nicely with a complete index system so you can find things. It is selling for basically the cost of shipping and materials. You can check out this Collection of eBooks for Amazon Kindle here.

Well time to get back to doing some more reading, I will come back in a few days and give you some more information on finding eBooks for your Amazon Kindle, on a budget.

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